WHGB? Where has Glen been? Since EMI is mostly about acronyms I thought I would start with one.
The answer is that I have been taking care of my 88 year old Dad. Last April, he fell and broke his hip and wrist. After a several week hospital stay and months of physical therapy, I’m happy to report that he is doing extremely well. According to him, he had a PCS (Permanent Change of Station) to a Senior Center near us. We had an estate sale and put his house in Sierra Vista on the market (that’s 200 miles away from Mesa). I have to say it’s nice to have him close to us! He just loves his new place. We take walks through a local mall a few times a week and visit with him every Sunday afternoon.
Now that he’s doing so much better, I’m back in the swing of operating Southwest EMI. Fortunately I have great and understanding customers!
Thanks to all who have expressed their well wishes!

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