Welcome to our new Website!

After three years of admirable service, I decided that it was high time to update the Southwest EMI Consulting website.    I wanted to learn how to create a site in WordPress – just so I could maybe become a little smarter! 

So after some internet-searching, I found a resource that I recommend to anyone interested in setting up their own WordPress site. 

Tyler Moore is a website developer in California, and it turns out that he has quite the presence on YouTube. Since I do better with videos as opposed to boring step by step written instructions, this was ideal.   Not to mention he defines his tutorials as being for those that really don’t have website building experience.  Perfect! 

So i buckled down and ran though his tutorial, step by step. You are looking at the result. 

If you are interested in how he does it, take a look at the video below. 


Or if you like, you can try Tyler’s website here: 

I was really impressed how powerful yet simple the process was.   Tyler, if you ever see this, thanks!!

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